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I would like to introduce Tomohiro Kobayashi's performance.

​Contact us here  or use the link at the bottom of the page!

juggling show 15-40 minutes

A show style that values contact with audience.

Ring juggling with a track record of winning the national tournament is impressive.

I will not only show my skills, but also create a sense of unity in the venue with talks.

In addition to stage shows, it is also possible to demonstrate outdoors in the form of a street performance that gathers passers-by.


Performances: ring, hat, ball, club, etc.

In a place like this!

Events in commercial facilities, various parties, local festivals, etc.

light art jugglingabout 6 minutes

A performance using a ring that emits light freely.

It is a fantastic performance in which the light changes according to the music and movement.


It is also possible to emit light that reflects the logos and letters of events and companies!​​

It can also be implemented as a 20-30 minute show in conjunction with the regular program.

In a place like this!

​Anniversary party, wedding entertainment, etc.

*This event can only be held at venues that can be darkened.

​Kuutenkidou    5-60 minutes

Performance by 3 jugglers.

The world's only performance combining handbells and juggling

​ Envelop the venue with a warm impression.

Profile material (pdf) download

For more informationidle orbit sitePlease refer to the.

In a place like this!

​Art appreciation planning, commemorative party entertainment, etc.

iKuuten Theater
Set in the traditional theater Asakusa Toyokan,
A juggling omnibus live produced by Tomohiro Kobayashi.
For a wide range of jugglers from professionals to amateurs
As a place to present works, and to interact across generations and careers.
As a place of mutual stimulation,​ It is an attempt to perform continuously.

​For details Flying theater sitePlease refer to the.


Workshop, juggling class

Juggling that anyone can enjoy and learn regardless of age or physical strength

You can actually experience it.

From a simple lecture for those who are trying for the first time, to actually in front of people

We accept a wide range of workshops for advanced performers.


It can also be implemented in conjunction with a performance.

​ Please feel free to contact us.

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