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Professional Juggler

Tomohiro Kobayashi

​Tomohiro Kobayashi


Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1983. Entered Kyoto University in 2002. Triggered by joining the school's juggling circle

Start juggling. 2005 National Juggling Tournament Winner, 2006Started professional activities.

With a show style weapon that combines high juggling skills and a sense of unity with customers, performance activities are performed in various places such as events at various commercial facilities, stage performances, and street performances. Currently, in addition to his solo activities, since 2015 he has hosted the creative juggling group "Sky Train" and the stage performance "Sky Train Theater".

Non-verbal performance "GEAR-" East Version cast.



小林智裕 プロモーションムービー Tomohiro Kobayashi
Kuuten Kidou


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